War Help

Starting a war

There can be only one war at a time.
A war can be started by a clan Leader or Co-Leader.

    Settings when starting a war:
  • Enemy name
  • War start date (when you can attack)
  • Reserve time (time in witch the reservation is valid. Can be set to unlimited as well)
  • Reservations (number of reservation per user. Can be set to 1,2 or unlimited)
  • Reserve 3 star (if a 3 star enemy can be reserved)
  • Force feedback (Make playes set the previos attack info before they make a new reservation)
  • Images (Can players upload enemy bases images or not)
  • Players (Number of opponents )
Once created any clan player can reserve a enemy player for attacking.
Any player can upload a enemy war base image for easier strategy. Learder and Co-Leader can assing other clan players to enemy targets by gooing in the Enemy View page.

Ending a war

Only clan Leader and Co-Leader can end an war.
You have two possibilities, to end war and delete it or to end war and archive for clan statistics.