Clash of Clans management Tools

for your clan wars

Some of the tools we provide are:

  • create your clan with a password guard and give it to your clan so they can join
  • all clan members can participate in every war
  • war caller option (war reservation system)
  • voting poll
  • clan chat
  • clan messages
  • clan ranking system with different administration rights
  • upload enemy base images for easier enemy reservation
  • war archive, so you can see past war results
  • clan members statistics
  • clan war history ( to see who has done what )
  • promote / demote and kick players from your clan
  • define your army / spells to make and get attack suggestions
  • post videos that you find helpful so that your clan has easy access to them
  • make your clan public so others can see your clan wars, members, and war results

Try out the android application as well

A quick site presentation video

Thanks to Taco Mountain for the site review.
You want to see how the site works then you want to see this video.

15$ gift card contest
Leader can now activate old archived wars for editing (if there is no active war), or they can delete wars from archive.
New changes to the website clan page.

Added clan description, clan rules, and clan website (if any).
Modified the design to have things more organized and easier to access. Also if the clan is public the website, description and rules are also visible to public.
Hope you will enjoy the new update!
Clash on!!!

Heroes, Army and Spells
This options are on the site, so that other members (or yourself) can make attack suggestions on your enemy base reservation.
For testing go to War -> Current War make a reservation (in case you do not have one already), click on the Player X text
and you will arrive on the enemy base page. There your will see next to the reservation "Suggest strategy".
Click on the text and you will see the clan member army and spells (if defined) and you can suggest an attack composition for that reservation.
After submitting the suggestion the clan member will see that he has an attack suggestion on the main page.
They are also visible by other clan members if they go to enemy base page.
The attack suggestion is only available for attacks that have not yet been made. On the Android app version you can also upload image (useful for base image overlaid attack directions).
For other info please ask on the forum.

Please write about the problems that you encounter on the site/mobile apps on the site forum.
For those that have problems with the mobile apps (iOS and Android) chat feature, please uninstall and install the app.
Should be working after. Working on fixing the bug.